As an illustrator, I concern myself with the hidden narratives and tiny details in everyday life. Humanity misses so much in the midst of our hectic lives, and there are a thousand small pleasures to be found in the material of our days. My work aims to shine a light on these.

My practice originates in pencil and ink drawings and develops into colour through watercolour or crayons, to make the unobvious a highlighted statement of the world we live in.

A recent project has dealt with the loss of the rituals surrounding eating together and identifying culturally significant foods from around the world, which I have concluded is a layer of human experience which we stand to lose. To eat is to travel, to nourish and to love. The act of eating reinforces both our own body’s connection to the life we inhabit, and our connection to those we share our lives with. A small and often forgotten detail of life, but one that helps shape our very understanding of what it is to experience the world in the forms we fill.

In order to create this as a means for social change, the project became a book, not just for children, but one that sought to open up the viewer to experiences that encourage the world to remain as beautiful and varied as it is now.


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