• The Extraordinary Gardener by Sam Broughton

    Wishing to escape his drab normality he creates a life much greener, brighter, and full of creatures. In the hope of keeping this dream alive, Joe plants a seed… The Extraordinary Gardener is a enjoyable dip into the wonders of imagination, hope and the natural world. There is much to enjoy about an adventure in these leaves.
  • People of Peace by Sandrine Murza and Le Duo

    Learn about Jean Jaurès, Henri Dunant, Mairead Corrigan and Betty Williams, Wangari Maathai and many other should-be heroes that fall under society’s radar.
  • Looking After William by Eve Coy

    This book will appeal to parents as much as little ones will love the images and story melding together.
  • Juniper Jupiter by Lizzy Stewart

    Some are too scratchy, too timid, too odd or with just the wrong amount of facial hair. Juniper Jupiter has her work cut out!
  • Going to School by Rose Blake

    Unpacking what might be a daunting experience for a small child, Going To School follows Rose and all she gets up to throughout the course of her day at school, making it so fun that it feels like we should all go back for a few more lessons.
  • The Fox on the Swing by By Evelina Daciutè and Aušra Kiudulaite

    The use of pattern and texture in the images is particularly cheerful, and there are some lovely double page spreads that always require a closer look before moving on. A bubble-blowing blackbird, the second Swiss roll and a rather fabulous pair of stripy blue boots await the curious adventurer.
  • Association of Illustrators

    I really enjoy reading and writing these reviews, and will be posting them here after they go live on the AOI's various sites. All I can say is thanks to them for giving me such a lovely task to do, and thanks to you for reading them!
  • About Me

    I'm Louise, sometime illustrator and graduate of the Cardiff School of Art and Design. I like drawing bears, birds and lemons and spend my spare time leaning uncomfortably over my desk, or up to my elbows in the garden.