Along with drawing lots of bears, evenings and weekends also see me taking part in my second favourite activity; reading. An excellent way of combining my love of art and reading has been reviewing books for the AOI, or the Association of Illustrators. 


The Association of Illustrators is the professional body for illustration in the UK, and has been working since 1973 to champion illustrators and the illustration industry. They offer memberships to illustrators, agents and colleges along with discounted memberships available for students and represented artists. Membership can include assistance with contracts, education, promotion and campaigning for greater recognition for illustration, which can often go unnoticed as a discipline. 

I really enjoy reading and writing these reviews, and will be posting them here after they go live on the AOI's various sites. All I can say is thanks to them for giving me such a lovely task to do, and thanks to you for reading them!  

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